High-performance Service Assurance

Accelerate end-to-end operations across multi-vendor, legacy, NFV, and SDN systems with CENX’s Exanova Service Intelligence. CENX mobilizes network big data to deliver real-time actionable intelligence.  So you can drive your business transformation.

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Analysys Mason: CENX Exanova Service Intelligence Profile

“[Exanova’s] real-time data and predictive analytics capabilities are critical for automated orchestration of dynamic NFV/SDN networks.”

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CENX Exanova Service Intelligence:
Orchestrated Service Assurance and Management for Service Providers

Mobile Service Providers: Deploy and Assure the Best Network

Mobile Service Providers: Deliver the Best Network

Plan, orchestrate, and assure complex mobile networks reliably, quickly, and cost-effectively with Exanova solutions that span multiple access vendors, multiple technologies, physical and virtual network functions, and on- and off-net services.


Wireline Service Providers: Deploy at Light Speed with Exanova

Wireline Service Providers: Reimagine and Transform

Provide services confidently across both NFVI and physical infrastructure. Deliver new self-service, on-demand capabilities. Innovate competitively and drive new revenue streams with Exanova solutions that include rich capacity planning, workflow, and service assurance capabilities.


Cloud Data Center Service Providers: Assure Your Cloud with Exanova

Cloud Data Center Service Providers: Assure Your Cloud

Offer compelling new connectivity services. Orchestrate NFV and physical network functions in a single pane of glass. Or launch a self-serve cloud exchange with Exanova’s unique self-service capabilities.



“… we needed a real-time operations approach that could synchronize actions across our carrier partner networks and across multiple technologies, including SDN and NFV components”


Press Release

Press Releases

SLA Management for Mobile Service Providers

The strain on mobile networks continues to increase as operators roll out more 4G mobile data services and look beyond to 5G. Unfortunately, bandwidth consumption is outpacing revenue growth, resulting in margin erosion. As such, mobile operators need to maximize performance and utilization in mobile backhaul and core transport networks in order to deliver cost-effective Quality of Experience (QoE) for subscribers.

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Mobile World Congress 2017

Join CENX in Barcelona for the mobile industry’s most anticipated event, Mobile World Congress 2017. Book a meeting with a CENX team member to discuss dynamic, end-to-end service assurance across hybrid physical and virtualized infrastructure.

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Accelerating the way service providers manage and assure their data services.


Assuring services across combined physical & virtual networks

Today’s networks are experiencing a movement towards virtualization, as it offers the improved agility and flexibility required to keep pace with the growing demands for services. For service providers trying to get ahead of their network, assuring end-to-end service quality should not be an afterthought.

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Exanova Service Intelligence
Data and Visualization

Data and Visualization

Real-time contextual search of millions of network entities integrated with macro-geographic, detailed path and dashboard views built on Exanova’s Continuous Data Audit, and Automated Reconciliation.


Service Management and Assurance

Service Management and Assurance

Deliver new services and assure premium service quality with Exanova’s Capacity Planning, Workflow Orchestration, Network Analytics, Real-time Troubleshooting, and Service Level Assurance (SLA) Management capabilities.


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