An Overview of CENX

Providing an overview of CENX, which bridges the gap between legacy systems, SDN, and NFV

Lifecycle Service Orchestration Solutions for Mobile, Wireline, and Cloud Data Center Service Providers

CENX is a new-generation software company delivering Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) solutions that automate the entire lifecycle of advanced data services in next-generation virtualized (NFV), and software-defined networks (SDN) infrastructures. CENX’s vision is to revolutionize the way that service providers build and manage their advanced data networking services by fusing big data analytics, deep networking expertise, and leading-edge computing technologies.

Globally trusted by Tier 1 service providers.

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Our CENX Customers

Our CENX Customers

Service providers today are dealing with massive increases in the volume and velocity of data and demands for higher quality always-on services. The only way to meet those challenges is to radically change their network operations. With CENX’s LSO solutions, mobile, wireline, and cloud data center service providers worldwide are able to drive service agility, assure service quality, and reduce operational costs.

The History of CENX

History of Innovation

In 2009, CENX started as a Carrier Ethernet Neutral Exchange. In order to serve its Exchange customers, CENX developed software to automate the manual and time-consuming processes of ordering, provisioning, monitoring, and assuring data connectivity services. We evolved that networking expertise into best-in-class software, and in 2012 pivoted to focus on providing LSO software solutions to service providers.

A Global Organization

A Global Organization

CENX is a US corporation with key operations in Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Privately held, customers include global Tier 1 service providers and leading cloud data centers, including 2 of the top 4 US mobile operators, Ericsson and PCCW Global. Through its work at the MEF Forum, ETSI NFV, Open Networking Forum (ONF), and TM Forum, CENX plays a leading role in the definition of LSO standards and adoption.

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