Exanova Service Intelligence Overview

Powerful, intuitive service assurance software for NFV and SDN

Assure Data Services Quickly, Intuitively, and Cost Effectively with Exanova

Mobilize Big Data to Drive Service QoE and Agility

Global demand for data services is exploding. New technologies — Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), 4G and 5G, Carrier Ethernet, IP VPNs — are only part of the solution for mobile, wireline, and cloud data center service providers. Service agility is important. Service quality is critical. CENX’s Exanova solutions provide the central intelligence based on sophisticated real-time and historical analytics that eliminates operational complexity and ushers in next-generation network operations for legacy systems, NFV, and SDNs. Assure service quality, drive service agility, and reduce opex with Exanova.

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Smooth the transition to emerging technologies. Drive the transformation to SDN and NFV.

Drive service agility

Exanova is built on an open, vendor-agnostic, and network agnostic architecture, leveraging a wide range of existing OSS and IT data sources. Accelerate time to revenue with Exanova’s workflow orchestration, capacity planning, continuous data audit, and automated reconciliation functions. Deliver new services faster, across physical and virtual network functions, and gain increased benefit from existing infrastructure investment.

Assure service quality

Exanova assures end-to-end performance across physical network functions and NFV efficiently with its Real-time Troubleshooting, Network Analytics, and SLA Management capabilities. Exanova provides real-time, contextual search, as well as intuitive and detailed macro-geographic and detailed path views. These enable operations personnel to map data services and then drill down to individual circuit path segments with rapid precision. Sectionalize faults rapidly to speed root cause analysis. Reduce MTTR. Pinpoint SLA breeches. Leverage sophisticated real-time and historical analytics to improve service quality and availability by comparing frame/packet loss, latency, jitter and other performance metrics.

Reduce opex

Exanova’s service visualization, management, and assurance capabilities streamline network operations, reduce error-prone manual processes, and enable service providers to align demand with capacity. Workflow orchestration reduces manual provisioning errors and their costs. Capacity Planning enables service providers to buy or lease what they need when they need it. Exanova’s extensive and visualize analytics and reports, real-time search, and detailed macro-geographic, path and dashboard views provide a single pane of glass that simplifies operations for physical network infrastructure and NFVI.

Exanova is a flexible, modularized service assurance solution that meets the needs of service providers of any size.


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