Cloud Exchange

Rapidly build high quality cloud exchanges with assured interconnectivity and self-service

Assure High Quality Interconnectivity with Exanova for Cloud Exchanges

Many cloud data center service providers have established cloud exchanges in order to respond to enterprise demands for high quality, assured connectivity between tenants, such as tiered service providers, content or storage providers, Internet service providers, or other enterprises. Cloud exchange operations personnel need a single pane of glass for service assurance operations as they roll out new services and fix and fix problems. The use cases below describe the compelling advantages and tangible benefits to using Exanova to solve specific, real-world challenges for cloud exchanges.

CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange, powered by Exanova, offers enterprises an easy-to-use portal interface for rapid service enablement.

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The Challenges of a Cloud Exchange

Cloud exchanges face a number of operational challenges: ensuring quality connectivity within the cloud exchange between tenants, providing connectivity between data center exchange providers, and ensuring service level agreements are managed in real time in order — all in order to provide the optimal network experience for enterprises, managed service providers, and systems integrators.

Using Exanova for Cloud Exchange Orchestration

Exanova assists cloud exchange providers in their efforts to manage network service assets and orchestrate transport services. Its modules support exchange deployment and monitoring functions, and inter-connection services between exchange customers.

Further, Exanova ’s end-to-end service visualization provides a single point of control for managing and monitoring all Ethernet exchange services, including circuit path topology, inventory, faults, automated ordering and provisioning, and SLA performance tracking. Service providers can also use Exanova to correct inventory systems with clean data, reducing the opex associated with manual inventories and freeing operational personnel to focus on new service rollout or other tasks.

Guarantee Quality Connectivity

Differentiate competitively and drive user experience with assured service quality

Accelerate Service Agility

Orchestrate new services in minutes, not months, reducing time to market and order-to-cash intervals

Fast and Simple Deployments

Implement in less than 6 months with next-gen, modularized and flexible architecture

Differentiate with performance-guaranteed connectivity

Differentiating with performance-guaranteed connectivity

Exanova enables real-time troubleshooting, performance management, SLA management, utilization analytics and other capabilities, including to isolate faults to root-cause domains across the exchange. Exanova enables cloud service providers to assure service performance across the cloud exchange by tracking all connections in near real time, with comprehensive visualization, real-time state and monitoring data and extensive analytics to easily monitor performance. Per customer reporting is available to track performance and share with customers.

Turning up new services between tenants and cloud exchange customers

Orchestrating workflow between tenants and cloud exchange customers

With Exanova, service providers can automate and orchestrate workflow based on user-driven polices. Turn-up new services. Change access permissions. Exanova can be used to orchestrate connectivity services over L2 Ethernet or L3 IP VPNs and provides a superior approach to traditional fiber cross-connect and IP peering architectures. Exanova also provides differentiated connectivity options including variable Quality of Service (QoS).

Innovating with self-service

Innovating with self-service

Service providers can use Exanova’s self-serve interface capabilities (e.g., a Web portal) to deliver superior customer service, while enabling cloud exchange customers to service their own requirements and drive new revenue streams of their own. Exanova enables cloud exchange providers to extend control to customers for ordering and monitoring transparency with differentiated, revenue-generating self-serve interface (e.g., a Web portal). This enables cloud exchanges to facilitate exchange partnerships between customers via a secure interface for automated buying and selling of direct exchange connectivity.

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