Mobile Backhaul

Plan, orchestrate, and assure multi-domain, packet-based data services in mobile backhaul

Assure Services in the Mobile Backhaul With Exanova Service Intelligence

Mobile service providers have had to engage in both rapid build-outs and equally rapid adoption of new technologies in order to keep up with customer expectations for high quality, assured data services. The use cases below describe the compelling advantages and tangible benefits to using Exanova to solve real-world challenges in mobile backhaul service assurance.

CENX helped a global Tier 1 service provider achieve annual opex savings of 38%.

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The Challenges of Mobile Backhaul

Orchestrating and assuring services in mobile backhaul remain a serious challenge for service providers. A network with 10,000 cell sites might be served by a combination of on-net circuits, and off-net circuits provided by 5 different AVs. It might also feature microwave, fiber extensions for small cell, and long-haul extensions to get from the MSC to where a particular AAV can handoff to another AAV circuit. Estimates suggest that up to 80%+ of cell sites fail inventory audits. Reliable inventories are difficult to achieve, highly manual and error-prone ordering processes increase the time to turn-up new services, and multi-vendor, multi-domain services remain difficult to assure.

Using Exanova for Mobile Backhaul

Exanova addresses the operational challenges of TDM to packet transformation in the mobile backhaul network. Data integrity is difficult to achieve, provisioning is often complex and manual, and services may involve multiple operators. Exanova’s modularity allows service providers to solve a range of challenges, as well as to augment their solution as their needs evolve beyond inventory integrity assurance, to backhaul build-out and implementation, to end-to-end performance monitoring and management of the backhaul network.


more reliable inventory data


reduction of service turn-up time


decrease in mobile backhaul triage time

Visualizing and orchestrating mobile backhaul services across multiple technologies, vendors, and domains

Visualizing and orchestrating mobile backhaul services across multiple technologies, vendors, and domains

Build an accurate and actionable view of transport services, across multiple technologies, vendors, and domains with Exanova. Exanova ensures continuous data integrity and enables a single trusted source for asset inventory. Correct inventory systems automatically with clean data usin with Exanova’s Automated Reconciliation capabilities. Visualize, manage and assure services — including circuit path topology, inventory, faults, automated ordering and provisioning, as well as SLA performance tracking in highly intuitive macro-geographic and detailed path views and dashboards.

Automated ordering and provisioning to reduce opex and speed service turn-up

Power-assisted, automated capacity planning and workflow orchestration

Match capacity upgrades with market demand and orchestrate service delivery using Exanova’s workflow orchestration and capacity planning capabilities. Reduce manual processes with policy-driven, workflows and reduces opex associated with service fallout, failed sites, and misconfigurations. Manage mission critical class of service parameters like jitter and latency, and use Exanova to reduce both opex and capex by buying what you need, when you need it. Integrated new and emerging technologies such as dark fiber, small cell, video/VDSL and next-generation SDN controllers and other technologies to future-proof investment.[/hide]

Managing performance, service level assurance, and capacity to assure service quality

Troubleshooting and managing service level assurance to assure service quality

Monitor fault and performance across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks, as well as on- and off-net services with Exanova. Exanova provides network operations personnel with immediate access to near real-time state and monitoring data, as well as sophisticated real-time and historical analytics. Isolate and sectionalize faults rapidly. Generate detailed reports to manage SLA performance and speed penalty reconciliation. Track all connections in near real-time including detailed status for operational state, circuit details for fault isolation, and resolution.

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