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CENX: Change your view of the network

For service operators contending with escalating demand and increasingly complex network, CENX provides a unique, scalable solution that integrates all of the network’s data into a single pane, in real time, so operators can pinpoint and prevent faults, optimize capacity, and spot new opportunities.

Determining industry service assurance standards

In order to have service assurance solutions which can be easily deployed and implemented by service providers, standards need to be defined. CENX’s CTO, Chris Purdy, discusses why getting these standards locked down are going to have a major impact on service providers.

Assuring services across multiple domains is a challenge that needs to be addressed

For service providers trying to get ahead of their network, assuring end-to-end services should not be an afterthought. CENX’s CTO, Chris Purdy, highlights the importance of assuring services across combined physical and virtualized infrastructure.

Assuring services across combined physical & virtual networks, as well as multiple providers

CENX CTO, Chris Purdy, sits down with TelecomTV to discuss the challenge of assuring services across combined physical and virtual networks within a single provider, and assuring services that are orchestrated across multiple providers.

Open APIs crucial for service assurance across hybrid physical and virtual networks

CENX CTO, Chris Purdy, sits down with TelecomTV to discuss the importance of MEF’s LSO Reference Architecture and development of standardized, open APIs for orchestrating and assuring services over both physical and virtual networks.

How CENX transforms network operations

CENX unifies and accelerates operations across physical and virtualized network infrastructure. It brings all network data into a central source, analyzes it, and informs actions to ultimately provide better service to end customers.

CENX in Latin America

CENX’s Oscar Torres had the opportunity to sit down with TeleSemana during LTE Latin America to discuss what our software offers service providers in the region. [SPANISH]

Delivering network functions and service assurance

CENX’s Paul McCluskey and Mitel’s Ian Pattison discuss the essential nature of ecosystems to deliver network functions and service assurance.

CENX at MWC 2016

CENX’s time at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 was an outstanding success! With this year’s event now wrapped up, we would like to share with you key highlights and takeaways from the industry’s largest event!

Are you going virtual with NFV? Get real with LSO!

Today’s mobile, wireline, and cloud data center service providers are adopting state-of-the-art NFV and SDN technologies to modernize network infrastructure, but NFV is just the beginning.

CENX in Asia-Pacific

As CENX expands globally into Asia-Pacific, so does the reach of the CENX LSO solutions, which automate the entire lifecycle of data connectivity services in modern software-controlled telecommunications networks.

CENX at MWC 2015

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 has come to an end and the telecom world is still buzzing from a whirlwind week. After an action-packed four days at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, CENX’s top executives would like to share their experience with you!

How is service orchestration transforming networks?

While at GEN14, CENX’s Director of Business Development sat down with Converge Digest’s Jim Carroll to give his one-minute take on how service lifecycle automation tools are taking a big step forward.

CENX explains LSO at MEF GEN14

The CENX team explained how CENX LSO solutions realize MEF’s vision of a Third Network with Internet agility and ubiquity, combined with the performance and security of CE networks..

What is MEF’s Third Network?

Chris Purdy was asked, “What is your definition of MEF Forum’s Third Network?”. Watch this 90 second video to find out his response!

What is MEF’s Third Network?

Nan Chen was asked, “What is your definition of Metro Ethernet Forum’s Third Network?”. Watch this 90 second video to find out!

What is Lifecycle Service Orchestration?

Today’s Internet infrastructure is evolving faster than ever, due to significant innovations in high-speed mobile broadband, cloud-based applications, NFV, and SDN. These advances are impacting the underlying networks of all service providers. Watch this video to learn how Lifecycle Service Orchestration can help.

CENX at MWC 2014

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 has come to an end and the telecom world is still buzzing from a whirlwind week. After an action-packed four days at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, CENX would like to share their experience with you!

Achieving service agility with quality through E2E network service orchestration

Watch CENX’s CTO, Chris Purdy’s presentation at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf. He discusses how service providers are differentiating their offering with on-demand quality assured connectivity, the customer’s expectations for self-serve interfaces, and the need to orchestrate service end-to-end across SDN, NFV, and traditional infrastructures.

Why inter-carrier service orchestration?

Chris Purdy, CTO, CENX, discusses why Carrier Ethernet is on a massive uptake trajectory, explores the challenges of orchestrating off-net circuit services, and highlights the need for a new generation Service Orchestration solution that enables critical inter-carrier use cases such as audit and inventory, ordering, fault isolation, and SLA management.

The value of a new services information model

While Carrier Ethernet is experiencing explosive global demand, service providers, access vendors and cloud exchange providers do experience some pain. Our CTO, Chris Purdy, explains what the Service Orchestration solution by CENX is and how it solves the pain.

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