5g enablement

CENX 7: Your launchpad
to the networks of the future.

5G will shepherd in a new era of unlimited video and the rise of enterprise IoT use cases, such as smart cities and even remote surgery. For network operators, 5G also introduces a new age of complexity of new architectures, new domains and new services.

CENX’s 5G-ready service assurance solution optimizes networks of the future. CENX’s data and visualization, real-time fault and performance management, and closed-loop automation capabilities enable service providers to take full advantage of 5G networks with greater speed, flexibility and visibility into network performance.

Comprehensive View of Network & Services

CENX’s real-time data pipeline extracts and visualizes big data from OSS, BSS, NFV management, and orchestration systems, enabling you to correlate reduced application and service quality with problems in the underlying infrastructure. CENX provides network and service operations teams with a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring services, end-to-end.

Closed-Loop Automation

CENX’s closed loop automation capabilities deliver intelligent, policy-based triggers to manage, assure and automate multi-domain services spanning legacy, new and emerging technologies, virtual infrastructure, wireline and wireless networks, core and access and on-net and offnet path segments.

Real-time event correlation

Process 3 Billion+ analytic metrics a day. CENX’s massively, horizontally-scalable analytics platform ingests, audits, and contextualizes your 5G network’s massive, multi-domain, multi-vendor inventory and service topology data and provides network and service operations teams with a real-time, end-to-end view of all your network services. With predictive analytics, anticipate problems or forecast capacity demand.

Scale on demand

A hyper-scale assurance platform, CENX provides the flexibility and scalability required to support the massive volumes of 5G. With push button, microservices-based scalability, launch services quickly, respond to heavy or light utilization, service performance threshold crosses, or other key performance indicators with automated, policy-based virtual infrastructure scaling.

Contextually Aware

The variation of services that 5G will support, from driverless cars, to smart meters, and the impact of one service type on another must be understood and managed according to context. By providing an end-to-end view on a single pane, operations teams will understand the importance of the service, its likely duration, performance requirements, resource availability and current network conditions.

Support the next generation of networks.

Future-Proof Service Assurance: Automation for 5G & Beyond.