CENX’s closed-loop automation
solution enables CSPs to reduce costs,
optimize capacity and guarantee
service quality of hybrid networks.

CENX enables closed-loop automation across physical and virtualized networks, resulting in lower opex and a holistic network, services, and customer-aware operations. Visualize the network and its services in real time and historically. Deliver superior quality of service and experience with real-time operations tools. Drive business transformation with closed-loop automation. Your network just got simpler with CENX.

Optimize Capacity Planning and Management

CENX provides visual capacity forecasting and closed-loop automation capabilities that enable service providers to match capacity upgrades with market demand. Review utilization, forecast exhaust, and set upgrade policies all in a single pane. Reduce manual processes and opex with policy-driven workflows. Manage mission-critical class of service parameters, like jitter and latency, interactively or automatically with user-based policies.

Assure Multi-Domain Services

As services that span multiple domains proliferate, the challenge of assuring service quality with automation increases exponentially. Many network services are becoming increasingly complex. Many domains have common performance KPIs, but also unique ones. CENX’s hyperscale analytics capabilities enable service providers to close the loop between assurance and fulfillment for even highly complex, multi-domain services.

Guarantee Service Quality

Build powerful automation capabilities with accurate, contextualized data. With CENX, process the billions of analytics metrics each day to develop a deep understanding of network performance. Enhance fault isolation. Meet SLAs, ensure network changes do not impact services and avoid service quality conflicts with policy-driven closed-loop automation.

Lower Operational Costs

Automate and orchestrate network and service changes elastically with user-set policies. Reduce opex by up to 50% by reducing manual intervention and error-prone manual service change processes. Automate the healing and scaling processes. Optimize your network to customer demand and utilization.

Close the loop between assurance and fulfillment with automation

CENX compares established capacity forecasting policies against current utilization metrics available at all layers (VNFs, virtual machines, and NFV infrastructure) and then determines whether to trigger orchestrated scaling. Once the new VNFs are instantiated, CENX’s Service Information Model (SIM) is dynamically updated with information about the customer, the service topology/inventory, physical and virtual network functions, and the VIM enabling a closed loop.

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