CLOUD applications

What if you could manage
complex hybrid cloud services
across physical and virtual
infrastructure in a single pane?

Cloud technologies and infrastructure are becoming an increasing part of enterprise and service provider networks and services. The market is highly competitive and Quality of Service (QoS) expectations are extremely high. Complex cloud exchanges, cloud dynamic interconnect, virtual private interconnect, and big data optimization are just a few of the challenges and opportunities for a cloud service provider.

CENX provides a single pane of glass for service visualization, real-time operations, and closed-loop automation that enables services providers to take full advantage of emerging technologies and new service opportunities.


“CENX’s industry-leading capabilities accelerated the development
of the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange.”

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What if you could visualize services across physical and virtual infrastructure in the same pane of glass?

CENX’s data and visualization capabilities provide a single, trusted, end-to-end model of a cloud service provider’s network inventory and service topologies in a single pane of glass. Visualize physical and virtual infrastructure, including virtual infrastructure managers (Openstack, VMWare, and VMWare Integrated Openstack), virtual machines, virtual network function managers, and virtual network functions. View service state, performance, utilization, and other KPIs overlaid with service topology and inventory. Trust CENX to provide you with a comprehensive view.

What if you could assure service quality of experience (QoE)?

CENX’s real-time operations capabilities enable cloud service providers to troubleshoot and monitor the performance of complex, multi-vendor, multi-domain services, whether on- and off-net, in real time. Isolate and sectionalize faults. Speed root cause analysis. Monitor service performance in real time. Measure and fine-tune service performance with powerful, explorable dashboards and reports. Provide service level agreement (SLA) reports to enterprise customers. Assure service QoE across cloud data center cages with CENX.

What if you could streamline processes with policy-driven, closed-loop automation?

CENX interoperates with, and enables closed-loop automated service changes to services delivered across a wide range of network virtualization technologies, including NFV orchestrators, multiple VIMs, VNFMs, VMs, and VNFMs. Streamline service management with orchestrated assurance. Improve inventory accuracy with continuously audited data and automated inventory reconciliation. Orchestrate workflow with policy-driven automation. Speed new services and assure their quality automatically with CENX.

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