Simplify the view of your network.

Visualizing services across a single network and service provider domain can pose a serious challenge. But as carriers implement new technologies such as NFV, SDN, Self-Organizing Networks and 5G, the risk of new data silos emerging will pose serious challenges for operations teams to visual and manage the performance of their hybrid physical and virtualized networks end-to-end.

CENX brings together its trusted model of network inventory and service topology with fault and performance management that provides operations teams the ability to visualize both sides of the hybrid network in a single pane.

CENX interoperates with multiple NFV orchestrators, virtual infrastructures managers (VIMS), such as OpenStack,
VMWare, and RedHat, virtual network function managers (VNFMs), virtualized network functions (VNFs).

Gain a real-time, end-to-end view of all your entire hybrid network

CENX ingests, audits, and contextualizes your network’s multi-domain, multi-vendor inventory and service topology data, enabling you to visualize the performance of your entire hybrid network on a single pane.

Simplify your operational tools

Troubleshoot faults, monitor performance and identify customer impacts faster by consolidating the dozens of single domain operations tools in to one single, multi-domain real-time solution.

Deliver Closed-Loop Automation

CENX’s closed-loop automation capabilities deliver intelligent, policy-based triggers to manage, assure and automate multi-domain services spanning legacy, new and emerging technologies, virtual infrastructure, wireline and wireless networks, core and access and on-net and offnet path segments.

Predict Failures and Proactive Healing

CENX’s hyperscale analytics capabilities provides faster fault detection, advanced analytics to predict future service impacting conditions and Machine Learning causality that is needed to deliver on-demand services, proactive healing and dynamic sharing of infrastructure.

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