Deliver the Scale,
Automation, and Speed
to Guarantee IoT Service Quality.

As Internet of Things (IoT) services proliferate, trusted data, scale and powerful analytics are critical to guaranteeing quality of experience.

CENX provides the scale, automation and visualization, big data analytics, fault and performance management and SLA management capabilities required to assure IoT services; from life-impacting remote surgery and connected cars to low bandwidth-consuming services, such as smart meter and patient monitoring.

Scale on demand

A hyper-scale assurance platform, CENX 7 provides the flexibility and scalability required to support the billions of IoT devices and their services and applications. With push button, microservices-based scalability, launch services quickly, respond to heavy or light utilization, service performance threshold crosses, or other key performance indicators with automated, policy-based virtual infrastructure scaling.

Big Data and Analytics Processing Power

Process 3 Billion+ analytic metrics a day. CENX’s massively, horizontally-scalable analytics platform ingests, audits, and contextualizes all of your network’s massive, multi-domain, multi-vendor inventory and service topology data and provides network and service operations teams with a real-time, end-to-end view of all your network services. With predictive analytics, anticipate problems or forecast capacity demand.

Automation and Visualization

IoT services often stretch across multiple network domains, layers, and technologies. CENX enables real-time visualization of services by automating the ingestion, correlation, and visualization of service topology with fault and performance overlays across multiple vendor technologies, layers 1/2/3, and both physical and virtual infrastructure. Eliminate manual data correlation and inventory correction. Tune service quality and scale infrastructure based on established policies to meet demand.

Monetize IoT services

Monetize IoT services by offering a differentiated quality of experience. Drive the insight needed to assure superior service performance. Identify underperforming services and resolve complex performance issues rapidly, with Machine Learning and AI-powered capabilities. Correlate alarms, alerts, and trouble tickets across multiple domains with a unified service assurance solution. Understand the customer impact.

Manage SLAs

Remote surgery and connect car services will have different characteristics and require different SLAs from human and machine monitoring applications. CENX’s performance monitoring and service level agreement (SLA) management capabilities provide real-time insight and powerful historical dashboards to explore performance. Identify and resolve persistent performance issues across services. Document SLA performance exceptions. Provide performances reports to customers, and more, with CENX.

Proven Operability

Tight integration between service assurance and other lifecycle management functions, such as service design and provisioning, is critical for IoT success. CENX interoperates with a wide range of the industry’s most trusted OSS, BSS, NMS/NSO, and network infrastructure systems. Learn more about our partners here.

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Service Assurance is Key to Competitive Differentiation for NFV and IoT.