service assurance

Deliver and manage
high-quality data services
across your all-IP mobile networks.

Mobile service providers have had to engage in rapid network build-outs and rapid adoption of new technologies to keep pace with customer expectations for high-quality, assured data services. Mobile network technologies, such as small cell, dark fiber, and 5G, are advancing with unparalleled speed.

CENX enables network operators to integrate new technologies in backhaul, fronthaul, and the core network quickly and in the same single pane view. CENX provides a single pane of glass to visualize, troubleshoot, and manage complex all-IP mobile networks across multiple access vendors, domains, and technologies, reliably, quickly, and cost effectively.

Deliver Market-Leading Service Quality of Experience (QoE)

CENX provides the real-time troubleshooting network operators need to assure a competitive level of service QoE. Visualize, isolate, and sectionalize faults rapidly and accurately. Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with powerful service visualization. Identify service problems even for off-net segments. Deliver the QoE customers expect with CENX.

Monitor Network Performance in Real-Time and Historically

CENX’s performance monitoring and service level agreement (SLA) management capabilities provide real-time insight and powerful historical dashboards to explore on- and off-net performance. Identify and resolve persistent performance issues across services. Document SLA performance exceptions and provide performance reports to customers.

Achieve OPEX Savings of 38% by Streamlining Routine Tasks

CENX provides mobile service providers with the tools they need to orchestrate workflows. Automate routine network and service operations tasks. Assure inventory accuracy. Visualize and forecast capacity to reduce overengineering and its cost. Reduce error-prone, manually updated processes, and reduce OPEX across the board with CENX.

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