service assurance

CENX enables multi-play providers to consolidate
their service assurance systems, resulting in
simplified operations and improved customer experience.

Delivering Service Assurance for Digital Service Providers

Gone are the days where consumers would get their landline service from one provider, and their mobile service or broadband service from another. And as business models constantly evolve, so too are networks, services and the partners that service providers work with.

As 5G and IoT service adoption increases, managing communications networks and new digital services, such as SD-WAN, is about to get more complex. CENX provides a single solution for multi-play service providers to analyze, orchestrate and automate the millions of critical actions happening every hour of every day and assure their multi-play services and customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce triage time by 85% with Machine Learning an AI-powered Automated Fault Management and Performance Management

Support Complex Services

Reduce service turn-up time by 80% with improved inventory data accuracy

Reduce Operating Costs

Save millions in annual OPEX through more effective triage and time to resolution

Improve Partner Management and SLA adherence

Reduce effort to identify SLA violations by 75% with real-time SLA reporting

Simplify Operations

Reduce time to identify impacted services/customers and validate network changes from 60 minutes down to 10 minutes with a single view of the network

Faster Time to Resolution

Achieve 92% first-time yield/correct initial routing of a trouble ticket

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