Visualize, troubleshoot, and manage
complex networks on one pane of glass.

Millions of events happen every minute in a complex service provider network. With virtualized networks, service topologies can change in minutes, and then be gone. New technologies are emerging faster than ever. There’s more data than ever, and its volume, variety, and velocity are more complex than ever.

CENX transforms all that network big data into deep network insight and visualizes it as at-a-glance analytics on a single pane of glass to view, troubleshoot, and manage complex networks across multiple access vendors, domains, and technologies, reliably, quickly, and cost effectively.

Comprehensive View of Network & Services

CENX’s real-time data pipeline extracts and visualizes big data from OSS, BSS, NFV management, and orchestration systems, enabling you to correlate reduced application and service quality with problems in the underlying infrastructure. CENX provides network and service operations teams with a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring services, end-to-end.

Enhanced Monitoring

CENX’s enhanced monitoring dashboards integrate ticketing and assurance workflows enabling operations teams to find and fix the root causes and automate remediation based on real-time situational analysis. CENX’s inventory dashboard provide operations teams with clear, accurate, and contextual awareness of how services are delivered across hybrid networks. Manage all your access vendor partners and SLAs in powerful, visual dashboards and reports.

Improve Quality of Experience

Visualize, search, and browse your network’s service topologies, service paths and entities, overlaid with fault, performance, and utilization analytics, in real time across both physical and virtual infrastructure. Correlate trouble symptoms with root causes rapidly, reduce Mean Time to Repair, find problems before calls start, build continuous improvement with powerful visualizations of comprehensive, historical data.

Ensure Data Integrity

CENX’s hyper-scale analytics ingests and audits the millions of network data points continuously, improving inventory accuracy and data integrity across your network. Build deep network insight and a trusted, end-to-end service topology model. Identify data mismatches from disparate systems for correction and harmonization. Reduce error-prone, manual processes with automated user-based policies. Integrate new technologies and track rapid, elastic topology changes in near real time.

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