15 May 2018 — Jersey City, NJ — CENX, a global leader in next-generation service assurance software, is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Pipeline Innovation Award for innovations in big data and analytics that are the cornerstone of CENX 7, CENX’s flagship end-to-end service assurance platform for service providers.

CENX 7 harnesses the power of real-time big data analytics and web-scale computing technologies to deliver closed-loop assurance automation across virtual and hybrid networks. With its ability to analyze 3 Billion analytic metrics a day and continually ingest big data from across the entire network, service providers can improve triage and root cause analysis efficiencies, and make quick, informed decisions on how to run their networks more efficiently and more profitably.

Jay McMullan, SVP Sales and Marketing, CENX commented:

“Managing big data and analytics is front and center of network automation. As communications service providers seek to achieve closed-loop assurance, support complex enterprise services, such as SD-WAN, and look ahead to intent-based networking, analytics is critical to trigger smarter actions and support automation. This award recognition is a testament to the long-standing investments we have made into equipping Tier 1 service providers with an end-to-end service assurance solution that simplifies their view of the network and enables them to deliver the exciting digital services their customers expect.”

CENX 7 eliminates technology and process silos and equips operations teams with a comprehensive view of networks and services via its real-time data pipeline feed that extracts data from OSS, BSS, NFV management and orchestration systems. With CENX 7, service providers can launch new margin-rich NFV services, while empowering their customers with self-service ordering, service monitoring, automated remediation and recommended upgrades, while materially lowering their operational costs.

Scott St. John, Managing Editor of Pipeline Magazine, commented:

“Bridging disparate data sources and type across domains is essential for communications service providers to manage, store and analyze big data in order to guarantee service quality, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience,” said Scott St. John Managing Editor of Pipeline. “The Pipeline Innovation Awards are exclusively judged by a panel of technical executives from service provider and analyst companies, and this year included experts from Telenor, Singtel, Windstream, and Analysys Mason. Winning the Big Data and Analytics category validates CENX’s continued innovation by key stakeholders in the industry and by those that leverage innovative technology products to deliver the most advanced communications services around the world.”

In addition to bringing new big data analytics capabilities to CENX 7, CENX has also lent its expertise to the TM Forum Blade Runner Catalyst, a joint proof of concept being developed with Vodafone, Verizon, BT, AT&T, Orange, du, NTT and TIM. The Catalyst is designed to develop the underlying OSS infrastructure required for multiple service providers to work in tandem to assure complex 5G multi-carrier enterprise services.

For more information on the Blade Runner Catalyst visit https://cenx.com/blade-runner-catalyst/

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CENX delivers cutting-edge service assurance software solutions to some of the largest and most innovative mobile, wireline and enterprise network providers in the world. CENX harnesses the power of network automation and real-time visualization to enable our customers to deliver the quality, and leading digital services their networks demand. CENX provides a patented, scalable solution that allows service providers to assure services across multi-domain, multi-vendor, and inter-carrier networks. A single solution that can troubleshoot faults and manage network performance in real time, across both physical and virtual network infrastructures. We are powering the future of digital services by assuring tomorrow’s networks, today.  www.cenx.com

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