Resolve network issues and
activate new services
80% faster.

CENX’s real-time troubleshooting and service level agreement (SLA) management capabilities build on the solution’s powerful data and visualization to provide at-a-glance analytics, powerful correlation tools, dashboards and reports that enable you to manage fault and performance across multiple domains, technologies in real-time.


Find and fix customer problems faster than ever with CENX’s real-time troubleshooting capabilities.

Triage and take immediate action with CENX. Spot service problems before complaints start. Correlate alarms, alerts, and trouble tickets across multiple domains. Sectionalize faults down to the service path and access provider. Understand the customer impact.


Deliver superior performance and quality of experience with CENX’s analytics and insights.

Drive the insight needed to assure superior service performance. Identify underperforming services and resolve complex performance issues rapidly, with Machine Learning and AI-powered capabilities. Build continuous improvement with powerful dashboards and visualizations of comprehensive, historical data.


Assure service quality across multi-carrier services with CENX’s SLA management capabilities.

Manage all your access vendor partners in powerful, visual dashboards and reports. See which partners perform best for your customers. Report daily, weekly, or monthly KPI performance outcomes. Provide clear documentation of SLA violations when you need to.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce triage time by 85% with automated fault management and performance management

Support complex services

Reduce service turn-up time by 80% with improved inventory data accuracy

Reduce operating costs

Save millions in annual OPEX through more effective triage and time to resolution

Improve partner management and SLA adherence

Reduce effort to identify SLA violations by 75% with real-time SLA reporting

Simplify operations

Reduce time to identify impacted services/customers and validate network changes from 60 to 10 minutes

Faster time to resolution

Achieve 92% first-time routing of trouble tickets

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