What if you could see service topology,
inventory, fault, and performance from
all your disparate systems, correlated into
a single view?

The complexity of delivering data services has never been greater. Change has never been more rapid. New technologies — Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Self-organizing Networks (SON), and 5G — risk new data siloes and require cultural change. Service providers need a solution that makes the network simpler.

CENX empowers network and service operation centers with sophisticated real-time and historical analytics, comprehensive visualization, real-time operations, and closed-loop automation capabilities.

Visualize services across multi-domain, multi-vendor, and inter-carrier networks. Troubleshoot fault and manage performance in real time across physical and virtual network infrastructure in the same solution. Leverage your current OSS, NMS, and other IT systems. Take full advantage of NFV, SDN, and emerging technologies with CENX.

CENX ingests, audits, and contextualizes all your network big data to provide a comprehensive,
abstracted view of what’s most important about your service and network operations.


CENX: What problems do we solve?

Service providers face a number of challenges: rich data trapped in a variety of systems, complex, emerging technologies, increased customer expectations for high quality of experience and self-service. CENX combines a modular solution with a patented service information model (SIM), our leading-edge dynamic network analysis process, and a blazingly fast, easy-to-use user experience designed for network and service operations centers to meet exactly these challenges.

From all across your amazingly complex network, CENX ingests and correlates topology, fault, KPI, and other network big data continuously. The process establishes an accurate historical and real-time model of network services, service state, and performance. CENX transforms all that network big data into deep network insight and visualizes it as at-a-glance analytics for faster, easier correlations in a single pane, and closed-loop automation. For our customers, CENX means their network is simpler, its management, fast and automated, and their opportunities, wide open.

A Modular, Hyperscale Solution

CENX provides a comprehensive, but modular solution for network and service operations centers that manage complex, multi-domain, multi-vendor networks with physical and virtual infrastructure. Visualize the network and its services in real time and historically. Deliver fantastic quality of service and experience with real-time operations tools. Drive business transformation with closed-loop automation. Your network just got simpler with CENX.

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