service assurance

Simplify how you
visualize and assure your
core network and customers’
virtual edge.

As wireline service providers rush to deliver new services, they are met with a variety of operational challenges. A single, complex service may span core, metro, and access networks, fiber, small cell, and virtualized networking technologies, as well as, complex ring or mesh topologies.

CENX provides wireline service providers with a comprehensive software solution to manage complex, multi-vendor, multi-domain networks, take advantage of new technologies, and deliver new, assured services faster than ever.


“… we needed a real-time operations approach that could
synchronize actions across our carrier partner networks and
across multiple technologies, including SDN and NFV components.”

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Simplify the View of Your Most Complex Services

CENX provides network and service operations teams with an end-to-end view of their service topologies on a single pane, simplifying how they manage and monitor wholesale and enterprise network services. Visualize current services, end-to-end. Assure inventory accuracy. Orchestrate new service workflows with a few clicks.

Improve Service Quality Of Experience (QoE)

CENX’s real-time operations capabilities enable network and service operations staff to troubleshoot fault, monitor performance, and identify customer impacts in real time and in a single pane. Visualize, triage, and troubleshoot multi-vendor, multi-domain services, whether on- or off-net. Manage network performance with single-screen correlations and per-customer reporting.

Keep Up with Customer Demand with Automation

CENX helps operations teams to respond to heavy or light utilization, service performance threshold crosses, or other KPIs with automated, policy-based virtual infrastructure scaling. Automate data ingest and inventory reconciliation processes. Orchestrate common service assurance tasks and close the loop between assurance and fulfillment with CENX.

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